Picture Surveillance

You are aware that one of your employees is making copies of, taking pictures of your latest project, and selling them to your competitors in lieu of money. This can prove to be disastrous for you financially. You want to file a suit against him in the court of law, but that requires evidence. Installing a spy application on his mobile might not help as he might be using another mobile, supplied to him by your competitor for carrying out these nefarious tasks. The court requires evidence and nothing is better than photographs of the actual act of your employer passing on documents to your competitor and accepting money from him. You cannot depend on the police for this job, as they will not accept it, as they too require proof. In such situations, you need the help of companies that offer Surveillance services. They have private detectives on their payroll who will tail the suspect, take pictures of him committing the dastardly act, and provide them to you. It does not matter if your employee is meeting his contact anywhere, the private detective will take pictures of him handing over your documents and accepting money from your opposition with the help of cameras fitted with telephoto lenses.

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Advantages of hiring detectives from professional surveillance services

The sensitive sound recording equipment they have can also record voices from afar, record them, and hand them over to you along with the pictures. Armed with these proofs, you can easily file a suit against both your employee as well as the individual hiring him. You can also seek the help of such professionals if you have doubts that your wife is having illegal relationships with somebody else when you are away from town. This will help you file a divorce case and win it successfully. The professionals of the surveillance services, for an agreed sum complete the job of collecting indisputable evidence that the court of law accepts and hand them over to you. You can then hire a lawyer, hand over the proofs to her or him and let her or him pursue the case on your behalf. Make sure that you check the credentials of the detective agency before hiring the surveillance job to them. Check for the number of years they have been in the business and the percentage of cases they have solved successfully. You can rest assured that the evidence they provide will be sufficient to help the attorney fight the case successfully and provide you with compensation for the damages caused.